Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Project No. 8 Underway

Yes, that is how many works in progress that I now have in total. My problem is that I find a new yarn or some new shiny needles, and must try them out right away. So, I start a project, work a few rows of it, then start another one without finishing the last. I am hereby resolving to finish at least one thing before I start anything else.

So I cast on and knitted the collar for my baby cardi last night. I hope to have progress photos forthcoming on the left sidebar over there. So far, it is going more quickly than I could have ever hoped for- huzzah!

I am hoping for some nice weather this weekend, so that I can experiment with some more yarn dyeing/handpainting. I want to keep it outside so I can really be free and express myself (i.e., make a mess without having to clean up the kitchen). Instead of KoolAid dyeing, I am going to experiment with some food coloring in the hopes that it allows me more freedom to mix colors. Wish me luck!


Blogger Chrzanka said...

Girl, I know what you are talking about starting 101 projects at once! I ran across your blog yesterday and I felt a kind of kinship with you. Please feel free to check out my blog in return. It is not as specific as yours, but I do talk about a few crafty things and plan to include more of such info in the future.

It seems like both your and mine motivation for knitting is the same. I, too, have been wanting to do it for a long time. Unlike you though, I came across SnB via Bust magazine.

I love the stuff you have made so far. I am still at the scarf stage, afraid of learning the whole increase decrease thang. My philosophy is to perfect each stitch technique I learn before I move on. So, far it has worked. I have completed two scarves already and am working (almost finished) on a turquoise ribbed scarf (using no.8 needles). I will post a pic of it on my blog as soon as I am done with it.

Happy stitching!

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