Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I heart Noro

Just got the Simply Noro pattern book today, which has a pattern (called Hareton) for a hat made with one (one!) ball of Kureyon. I have long been wanting to make something out of Kureyon, but can't really afford to spend on a whole sweater's worth of it at the present time, so I bought just one of colorway 130 a few weeks ago and have been wondering what to do with it. Voila! There are a lot of patterns that I'd like to try once I feel like I can pony up the money for the yarn, like Zillah, Agnes, Chambers and Lockwood.

In other yarn news, I've been busy buying up the remainder of the Woolspun stock from Lion Brand's online yarn store, I absolutely love thick and thin yarns, and this stuff is $2.50/ball now that it's been discontinued. So far, I've bought 40+ balls in four different colors. Some of it is destined to become my Paris Loop poncho, and some is destined to become a turtleneck. I have this fascination with Colinette Point Five yarn, which is thick & thin, but at $20+ per 54 yd ball, I'm afraid it's a little out of my price range.

The baby sweater is coming along nicely. The sleeves are going more quickly than I would have thought, but it's had to switch from Addi Turbos to Inox needles. I couldn't find Addi dpns locally, didn't want to order, and thought the Inox would be okay, but I guess I'm just spoiled. Wah.


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