Monday, July 28, 2008

Actual finished objects.

Pattern: Top Down Raglan Baby Sweater by Carole Barenys [Ravelry link]
Yarn: Dale of Norway Falk, color 4516 (pink) and 5813 (blue), buttons from Parker Button, South Side
Mods: knit button band in seed stitch instead of garter

Sadly, these did not really reignite my love for knitting, as I had originally hoped they would. It would seem that I am still in a knitting slump. That being said, I am continuing to persevere, and have started the first of two hats for the twins in some Koigu that's been lounging in the stash for as long as I can remember (actually, it was the very first Koigu that I ever bought, I think).

If the hats don't do the trick, I am hoping that some lace knitting might. I've long admired the Shetland Triangle pattern from Wrap Style, but after paging through the book several times in the past and finding nothing else of interest to me in it, couldn't justify its purchase just for that pattern. Enter the Interweave Hurt Book Sale. To my delight, I managed to snag a copy of Wrap Style for just $5.49. Assuming that the damage to the book isn't to the pages that contain the Shetland Triangle pattern (and assuming that the book ever gets to me because it seems they have the slowest shipping ever for the sale), I may actually be getting excited about knitting something again!