Thursday, January 27, 2005

Oh dear. Again.

So I am starting to have more spare time to knit now, so I have no excuse to not have any knitting content. I am still working on a scarf in the Joann Sensations "Licorice" yarn, but over the weekend, I decided I needed to have a finished object. Right now. So I took the scarf off the needles, put it onto a holder, and knit up a hat to match the scarf. Instant gratification. Now if I could only finish the scarf!

Last night I tried to cast on for fiance's socks. Which was a disaster. To be fair, though, I was having a bit of an ADD episode last night and could not muster up the concentration to learn this new cast-on that is required for the toe-up socks. Better luck to me this weekend.

I still need to find some image/html storage space online, so I promise that one day, there will be pictures again!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Since I have no knitting news...

Grooming Products
shampoo: Pantene- the extra, extra moisturizing kind since I have dry hair
moisturizer: Clinique
cologne: "W" from Banana Republic- it's a really clean, subtle scent. I take surreptitious sniffs of my wrists all day while wearing it.
razor: Bic, I think- I've been using the same brand of razor since I started shaving my legs around age 12, but I can't remember for sure which one. That's so sad.
toothpaste: Crest Extra Whitening- again, a creature of habit. I've never bought a different brand of toothpaste.
cell phone: Nokia
computer: An HP something or other
television: Three televisions, all Sonys. I could care less but my dear fiance is an audio/visual geek and swears by Sony.
stereo: I couldn't live without my shower radio to listen to NPR in the morning. We have others in the house, but of course I don't know how to work them as they are unnecessarily complicated (see: audio/visual geek).
sheets: I like anything with a 250 thread count or more in white. Sometimes ivory if I'm feeling adventurous.
coffee maker: A lovely Krups
car: 2001 Nissan Altima- I normally rely on public transportation though. I hate to drive and wish Pgh. had a better system so I could ditch the car altogether.
stationery: Ooohhh, how I love good paper. When I can afford it, I am partial to Cranes.
bottled water: Whatever is cheapest
coffee: Nicholas Coffee- roasted in Pgh. and so heavenly.
vodka: I hate vodka and am indifferent to most liquor except gin. My favorite gin is Bombay Sapphire, but I've been known to purchase Beefeater and Tanqueray also.
beer: Depends on my mood- I like local beers from the Penn Brewery and love Smithwick's, Boddington's, Newcastle, Tetley's and, of course, Yuengling.
wine: Fiance and I visit the New York State finger lakes region as often as possible and we have many favorite wineries there. I like anything that's bone dry, red or white, but prefer a good lemberger or dechaunac. Locally, we like the Stone Villa winery in Acme, PA and La Casa Narcisi in Gibsonia. Both are fantastic wineries with wonderful tasting rooms and should definitely be checked out if you are in Western PA.
jeans: Low rise, boot cut jeans from the Gap. I could live in them.
tshirt: Favorite t from the Gap, both long and short sleeve. I could live in them.
briefcase or tote: I prefer not to carry a bag, but I carry a promotional messenger bag from my company to work and use an Old Navy bag when I need it. I have several purses that rarely see the light of day. I guess you could also count my knitting bags, both canvas, one large and one small, depending on what I am working on.
sneakers: Kangaroos, New Balance and some ratty old Adidas that I refuse to retire.
watch: I have a watch, and I think it is a Timex, but I don't wear it. I use my cellphone as a clock when I am out.
Favorite Places: Our cushy soft bed, home in general, the zoo, Living Treasures Animal Farm, any bookstore but particularly Caliban's, Bonnie Knits, The O, Dean's Diner, the Oakmont Bakery, the Carnegie Museums including the photobooth at the Andy Warhol museum, Schenley Park in the fall, Cape Cod in the fall. There are a lot more like that but I guess I'd be here forever listing them all.
Necessary Extravagances: Noro Kureyon, Addi Turbo needles (my only brand of choice), nice linens, fries from the O.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Socks rock!

I've finally decided to jump on the socks bandwagon after seeing so many beautiful pairs on other blogs. I have armed myself with two (2) pair of Addi Turbo needles, size 2US and three (3) balls of sock yarn from Elann, as well as Mary Ann Beattie's Crazy Toes and Heels sock book. After swatching in the round on 2 circs (which rocks by the way- no more dpns for me!), I've decided that my fabric is not heavy enough. Enter two (2) more pair of Addi Turbo circs, size 1US (this is starting to get expensive!). Those teeny tiny needles and yarn sure were difficult to get used to at first, but now I am liking them. I'm planning to knit both at the same time, so I am sure the actual socks will work up much more slowly, but I am looking forward to them. I was never a big fan of socks before, favoring bare feet, but that all changed once we moved into the drafty money pit that is our house. Now I can't imagine walking around barefoot.

I'm also working on a scarf and hat set in Licorice, which is a Joann Fabrics yarn. It's 100% wool and very squishy and pretty. Plus, it knits up on size 17US needles, which provide a nice break from the 1s. I've put the woolspun turtleneck aside for the time being, and I am going to take it to SnB this wednesday to see if anyone has any advice on the shortening of the length for me. I wish I'd put in a lifeline when it started to look like it was going to be too long, but live and learn, I guess.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


We don't need no stinking resolutions! Seriously, though. Since I have never even once kept a new year's resolution, I don't bother anymore. I will try to update more though. As anyone reading can see, my server and photos have gone kaput and I am going to need some new storage space. Can anyone recommend anything? I am not sure how companies like Ofoto and Snapfish work, but I need space for photos and HTML. I also need a day or two to update all of those broken links.

We moved into our new house and are still getting comfortable with it and all of the new sounds. I love that the house is old (1915) and it has so much character, but boy there is a lot of maintenence to be done! Luckily, quite a bit has been updated and redone, but there is still a lot that hasn't been, namely the entire exterior.

Between the holidays (which were fabulous) and the house, I have had absolutely zero knitting time. I just picked up the needles again late last week, and am in the process of working on the chunky woolspun turtleneck. I have finished the back, but it looks like it is going to be way too long, so I think I'll rip back and shorten it a bit after comparing it with some other well-fitting sweaters that I already own. Luckily it is a pretty fast knit, so it won't be too much time lost.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and a happy new year! Now I have to go catch up on my blog reading and see what I have missed all month!