Thursday, January 27, 2005

Oh dear. Again.

So I am starting to have more spare time to knit now, so I have no excuse to not have any knitting content. I am still working on a scarf in the Joann Sensations "Licorice" yarn, but over the weekend, I decided I needed to have a finished object. Right now. So I took the scarf off the needles, put it onto a holder, and knit up a hat to match the scarf. Instant gratification. Now if I could only finish the scarf!

Last night I tried to cast on for fiance's socks. Which was a disaster. To be fair, though, I was having a bit of an ADD episode last night and could not muster up the concentration to learn this new cast-on that is required for the toe-up socks. Better luck to me this weekend.

I still need to find some image/html storage space online, so I promise that one day, there will be pictures again!


Blogger Cheryl said...

Try for your pictures, it works really well!!

10:26 AM  

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