Thursday, August 05, 2004

Pon-cho, here I come

Cast on for Paris Loop last night and got about 3 inches into it on the bus this morning. I can see this is going to go pretty quickly, so that should be satisfying. Hopefully it is not too big, and it looks as cute as Stefanie's in her pattern photo.

Also updated this page, posting a finshed objects section on the left side, and posted a progress photo for the baby sweater. I've actually finished and seamed the pieces of the Summer in the City Tank, and just need to crochet on the straps. I think I'll make it my weekend goal to finish that thing, now that we're moving into fall and it will be too cold to wear it. That's assuming it actually fits- it was a little big when I tried it on post-seaming.

I'm taking a day off tomorrow, so hopefully there will be lots of knitting and relaxing!


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