Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Oh, why can't I leave well enough alone? Yesterday, after checking out this post on the Tubey knitalong site, I thought, "what a great solution to my sleeve curling issue!" So, I proceeded to unbind my bound-off stitches when I got home from work. Now, it's been a stressful time at work lately and by the time I get home, I am really tired, my eyes hurt, and I'm not really able to concentrate well. I don't know what I was thinking. As I was unravelling, a little voice inside my head was screaming "danger- stop now!" Sure enough, before I knew what had happened, I had all live stitches, some of them starting to ladder, and visions of my sleeve laid to waste. It took me two hours, but I finally sorted out all of the stitches and re-knit them in seed stitch:

welcome to my nervous breakdown!

It looks pretty wonky, but I am hoping that will all sort out after I block it. I'll tell you that I almost cried when I finished, I was so relieved that I didn't have to re-knit the entire sleeve. I'm not sure it will look great with the ribbing, since the seed stitch will only be on the arms, but I'll deal. Hey, at least it's not curling.

Thanks for all of your comments to the last post. Jenn and SJ- thank you! I am so relieved to hear that I am not crazy. Well, as it pertains to the crochet cast-on, anyway. Jane, thank you for your comment- I need all of the encouragement that I can get to finish this thing! Jessie- I am a very slow knitter, so I am just hoping to have this finished to wear for at least one cold day this winter. Hopefully I'll have it done by March, but it's not looking too good :) As far as the sizing goes, I am a little curious to see how it will come out myself. What's nice is that you can try on as you go, so I know the back and arms fit (true to the cross-back measurement in the pattern for the size medium). I'll be trying the size small body instead of the medium though, as my upper arms are large-ish, and my back is wide, but my chest measurement fits the small. The pattern is very easy to tweak as you go. Good luck with it!


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