Thursday, September 02, 2004

Poncho a-go-go

I finished Paris Loop last night - woo! - and should have a chance to photograph it in all its loopy glory this weekend. Check out Gidget Casts On's Paris Loop here- purly goodness! At my knitting group last night, there were five people poncho-ing. It's a sickness, I tell you.

So, what's next? I have a few odds and ends to knit, like I think I will make a matching hat for the baby sweater, and I still have that ball of Kureyon tempting me in the stash. I would like to make Glampyre's top-down raglan, and saw that Carrieoke (or maybe it was her sister?) made one in Kureyon. Hmmm...


Blogger Carrieoke said...

Hey, it was me (Carrie) that made it, and gave it to my sister!! I love Kureyon so much. It's so pretty! A little bit scratchy, but such a gorgeous knitted fabric.

1:02 AM  

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