Sunday, February 19, 2006

Shrug ahoy!

The completed shrug part of Tubey:

excuse my ends

I've had the shrug part done for about a week now, but have been too lazy to blog about it. I picked up the stitches at last week's stitch and bitch and have about an inch or two of body done now. I was looking forward to knitting this weekend, but instead we disassembled and cleaned our 90 gallon fish tank and delivered it to its new owner. Boy, am I glad to see that thing go. We inherited it with the house (though Mark already had a smaller tank) and I have always disliked it. We're back down to the smaller tank, and I will soon be renovating our television room, where the fish tank used to be. It also includes a hideous rainbow-colored fan. We also had some friends over for a 15 degree BBQ on Saturday night. It. Was. So. Cold. Much fun was had anyway. So, One Weekend - BBQ - fish tank cleaning - time to visit with the in-laws = no knitting at all. I'm on it, though, these temperatures in the teens definitely call for a Tubey!

Last weekend's SnB was lots of fun. Hi to Rita, May and SJ, who is making gorgeous and speedy progress on Blanche-Neige, her olympic knitting.

More Tubey progress coming up!


Blogger luvs2knit said...

Looks good, Jen

10:06 AM  
Anonymous lisa b. said...

i'm planning to make two of these this year, one in rust for a friend and another in winter white for myself. can't wait to see how yours progresses!

9:37 PM  

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