Monday, February 13, 2006

Stitchin' reminder...

If any of you Pittsburgh knitters can drag yourselves away from the Olympics on Wednesday night (02/15/06), the monthly knitting session at the Barnes and Noble in the Waterworks will be happening. This used to be hosted through, though they now require an organizer to pay a fee to list events there, so the group is defunct through that site. It will live on, though we can't dare refer to it as a "stitch and bitch". See here for why not. Ridiculous, no? So anyway, Bitch & Stitch, Wednesday night, B&N Cafe, Waterworks Mall, 7-ish. Be there or be square.

This weekend was another home improvement one, so no knitting on Tubey over the weekend. I'd say I have about four inches of sleeve to finish before I start on the body (woohoo!).

Go olympic knitters, go!


Blogger SJ said...

See you tonight!

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