Thursday, August 18, 2005


I've been spammed in my comments! Anyone else have a problem with this?

So, procrastination has obviously become my middle name. I finished the body of Cathy last week, but I've been too chicken to sit down and pick up the bajillion stitches for the edging. Last night was knitting meetup, so I started to pick up the stitches and ran into a roadblock. The pattern is written so that you pick up "x" amount of stitches between markers that were placed when knitting the body. I have one section that indicates picking up 22 stitches. The problem is, I only have 18 rows in that section. So, how on earth are you supposed to pick up 22 stitches from 18? Damn if I know. Thought I made a mistake somewhere along the line, but it doesn't appear that I have upon reviewing the pattern, and also, I would have made the same mistake twice, as the fronts are symmetrical. I am going to check for errata and if I can't find anything, I'll just work those extra stitches in along another section. Here's what I have been doing during my week of Cathy procrastination:

I loves me some Silk Garden

I forgot how much I love knitting these little ribbed hats. So quick, so satisfying. And, it's a way to be able to buy one of each of several Noro colorways and get something out of just one skein! Not to mention my immature, giddy satisfaction at watching the colors stripe themselves.

Here's what else I've been doing, wedding-wise (no looking, Mark!). Only 43 more days of wedding-stress to deal with until I can get back to some serious knittin'.


Anonymous Betsy said...

That's a very pretty color for the ribbed hat. I totally understand the procrastination on 'Cathy'...sometimes you just need time apart from a project. You'll make you're way back to it eventually. Your dress is beautiful too! I bet you can't wait for the big day to get here already, huh???? Just don't forget to sit back and be able to enjoy the day enough to be able to remember it after all is said and done.

8:24 AM  
Blogger luvs2knit said...

I love the dress. You are such a pretty bride. I usually delete the spam on my comments -- it's really annoying though.

8:56 AM  

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