Thursday, June 16, 2005

Knitting OCD

So, I ripped out the progress on my size 35 bolero and cast on for the 36.5. And then cast on again. And again. And again. And...well, you get the idea. I have this obsession with even stitches, and mine just didn't look even each time I cast on, so I kept re-starting (probably 10 times, when you figure in the size 35 and the 36.5). Maybe I just should not knit with cotton yarn. I don't know. Anyway, at Meetup last night, Martha convinced me to proceed with what I had (even though the stitches are still not even). Here's my progress so far:

not her natural color

So, from now on, on the blog, the fiery bolero shall be known as "Cathy", since

1. that's easier than typing "fiery bolero"
2. I can't ever remember the correct pronunciation for "bolero"
3. "cathay" sounds snooty.

Not much to look at, I know. However, I will have some knitting time this weekend, and I look forward to working on it.

Speaking of Meetup, here's a photo:

l-r: Michele, Carla, Martha, Lisa, Nicole

A small group, but mighty. Jane, where were you? It was a good time. I knitted (mostly), I talked, I drank a lovely mint frappuccino, I stayed too late.

In semi-related knitting news, I found these photos on my camera card today from a trip to Living Treasures Animal Park in Donegal a month or so ago:

sheepy goodness


That alpaca was So. Cute. It was so little and must have been a wee babe, and was making these really plaintive sighing sounds as it was eating out of my hand. I can't stand the cuteness.


Blogger luvs2knit said...

How's your bolero going? How's wedding planning going? Questions, Questions, Questions. Hope your summer is going great!!

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