Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hello, Koigu!

What to do on a dreary Saturday in Pittsburgh? Why, take a tiny road-trip to a yarn store you've never been to before, that's what. I know it's sad and pathetic, but, being an East Hills girl, I confess that I'm scared to drive in the North Hills. Just thinking of McKnight Road gives me the chills. So, I talked fiance into driving me to Dyed in the Wool to check it out for the first time. To my delight, I found this:
just lovely

Koigu!! They also carry Lorna's Laces yarn, and I had a very difficult time deciding between the two. I decided that it would be good motivation to finish a pair of Koigu socks if I knew that my reward could be to go back to get some Shepherd Sock when I was done. I loved this shop, and I enjoyed chatting with the very friendly owner, Carol, for a bit. She carries a lot of yarns that the other LYSs that I frequent do not and she happily winds yarn into balls for you! The best part is that fiance (who grew up in the N. Hills vicinity) showed me a way to get there that entirely avoids McKnight road. Woo!

With Lori's assistance, I started on the lace scarf last week. I don't know about this yarn with this pattern (Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud). Lori's is beautiful:
see, I told you she was good

And mine just looks like a big mess:

Maybe if I switched to a smaller needle it would look better- I don't know. I am going to finish at least two repeats and then decide whether or not to rip it out and try a different yarn, or try this yarn with a different needle size and/or pattern. The good thing is that the pattern is relatively simple, as Lori assured me, even though I was way intimidated by it at first.

Yesterday, I decided that I must finish Grover once and for all, so I spent my lunch hour finishing the second sleeve, only to realize that I started the decreases and garter stitch at the end of the sleeves on the top of the sleeve, instead of on the underside, as I did with sleeve #1. I spent my bus ride home ripping that and a little time last night re-knitting, so I am so, so close to finishing. I plan on finishing the last rows and binding off today, then I thought I would weave in the ends and sew on the buttons, but lo, the buttons that I purchased a few weeks back have magically disappeared. Sigh.


Blogger Lisa said...

Oh, I just love Dyed in the Wool! There are so many kinds of yarn that I just don't see at the usual LYS. Glad to hear you had a good experience on your trip up north. :)

Sorry I never followed up with the tag, but I did post again. Thanks for making me feel special! I'll post lots of pics at the Sheep & Wool fest next weekend for you. :)

10:19 PM  
Blogger Tara said...

I've never heard of that LYS, so I'll have to go check it out! Thanks for the link!

Your scarf looks great! Don't fret.....the lace pattern will stick out more after you block it!

9:26 AM  

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