Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Photo day!

Here's a photo of the completed hat and scarf set I mentioned a few posts back. They're both knit in k2, p2 ribbing with size 17US Addi Turbos. The yarn is Joann Sensations Licorice, and I think the colorway was called fuschia, or purple, or something like that. Behold my scariness:

And a closeup of the squishy yarn:

This yarn, as I think I mentioned before, is quite delightful to work with and knit up so, so fast. The scarf is about 6 and a half feet long (I am a big believer in extra long scarves). Viva la Licorice!


Blogger jillz said...

The hat & scarf are so cute! Love the colors & they look great on you.

10:48 AM  

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